Why Content is Still the King and Always Will Be

Why Content is Still the King and Always Will Be

In today’s digital marketing space, content is still the most important factor. Everybody involved in the Internet industry understands how important having a killer content is, as a large part of today’s consumers can be reached online. Over the recent decade, content has been used as the best way for brands to connect with customers, whether through blog posts on their website, posts or visual content on their social media profiles, or guest posting on high profile websites.

Why is Content Actually the King?

Being the backbone of any potential interaction with your potential customers, content tells them how knowledgeable and experienced are you through your way of providing them the information they were looking for. There is no second chance to leave the oh-so important first impression to your customers, so you need to carefully choose what and how to publish.

Authenticity and relevance are the two most important criteria you need to meet. When your content is up to the point and answers the questions potential customers have in a unique and effective manner, you will quickly find yourself in the top of the search results for the customers you are trying to reach. This will allow you to promote your business by simply providing basic information about your business and what you do.

What Does Quality Content Do for You?

The power of content goes beyond any limits you can imagine. When a new customer finds your content useful, they immediately form a connection and feel as if they are having a direct conversation with you. Whether it’s a blog post, a graphic image or a video that answers their question or gives them advice, your knowledgeable content shows them that you care about them. For example, if you are running a digital marketing agency and you dedicate a series of case studies to demonstrate what you do for your clients and how you boost their online presence, your customers can see your expertise and contact you to handle the job.

Basically, all of social media is content. What would Facebook, Instagram or Twitter be without any sort of content? Blank spaces that tell nothing to potential customers and no one will visit. Even paid media, such as Facebook ads, depend on content. Sure there is a lot in the graphic of the ad, but generally speaking, ads are sort of content themselves.

Distribution Matters Too

Just having quality content that your readers will like is not enough. Your content needs to be distributed wide because you need conversions. There’s a popular 80/20 rule among marketing experts: you need to use 20% of your time to create the content and 80% to reach to your audience. To distribute your content properly, you should follow the steps of experienced marketing professionals. There are many ways and many social media networks where you can share your content, but each one works differently and requires a different approach. For example, if your content is mainly visual, Instagram and Pinterest are much better choices for distribution than Facebook or Twitter.

Your Google Ranking Depends Heavily on Your Content

No matter how good you are in what you are doing or selling, in today’s world it all comes down to your online presence. Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing prefer high quality, relevant and unique content. Without quality content, Google can get your website penalized and push it down the rankings nowhere to be found, or page 2 of Google to be more exact. One effective way to avoid getting penalized is to fill your website with quality content. The higher quality your content, the better the rankings, the more traffic and the more sales.

The Bottom Line

Content will remain the king for many years to come and that is a conclusion based on facts gathered over time from world-famous marketing experts. It is simply one of the most effective marketing tools in any business. Thereof, creating a viable content strategy and following it is of utmost importance for your business success and growth.

No content expert in your team? Then do not hesitate to get help by content marketing experts with vast of experience in creating content strategy. They know exactly how important having quality content on your website or your ads is and they sure know how to provide such. Consistent, relevant and valuable content is the kind of content your customers deserve, so make sure they get it whenever they land on your website.