The Advantages Of Using Messenger Bots

The Advantages Of Using Messenger Bots

Chatbots are all the rage these days and they are changing the way digital marketing works completely. Gone are the days when email marketing was a crucial tool of any business. Over the recent years, many things have changed in the way marketing works and customers think and act. For starters, the way people prefer to communicate with each other. Chatting is much easier, much faster and much more convenient than e-mail. When implemented in a business, chat bots will help businesses to build stronger and more trustworthy relations with their current and potential customers.

What Is a Chatbot?

If you’ve heard about chatbots and been thinking about creating one to interact with your current and potential customers but never actually searched what exactly do they do and how do they work, now it seems like the right time has come. It’s simple; chat bots can do just anything a website can do, but in a way that is much more personal, more interactive and as all the statistics show, more efficient too. The metrics such as the open rate and click through rate are way above e-mail marketing campaigns. As a marketer, the earlier you adopt a chat bot, the bigger your advantage over your competition (first mover’s advantage).

Chat bots make it much easier to get in touch with your customers and increase user engagement. As with every project, before you create a bot, it is of utmost importance to define your purpose of your chatbot. For example, if you have a weather app, your bot should be designed in a way to gather information on your customers so that it can message them regularly about the weather in their area.

Another thing to consider is what do people usually want to know when they message your Facebook page. Do they seek general information about your products or services? Do they want to better educate your market? There are many reasons why customers may be getting in contact with you and it is essential for you to find that out before you get a chat bot.

When most people think of a chat bot, they instantly get an idea of a bot that is fully automated and operates entirely on its own, without any human involvement. While that is definitely a huge part of messenger bots as they respond to questions and comments with pre-written responses by human, it is impossible to create a bot that can respond to every possible question that could be asked. The possibilities are endless and so when you create a bot, you shouldn’t think of it as a job completed, but rather as a job assisted. There will be some messages to which you will have to respond personally.

Why Facebook is the Best Place for Your Chat Bot?

With over 1.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is definitely the place you want to look for customers. Facebook Messenger bots, or shortly known as messenger bots, are chat bots especially designed for the most popular chatting platform Messenger. When implemented correctly, messenger bots can open up an infinite number of opportunities for communication and engagement with your audience, which could easily lead to more leads and sales.

Facebook Messenger is also a trusted and safe place. Everybody on this social media feels comfortable and safe, which is why a chat bot implemented on this platform can generate successful results. All the conversations that take place on Messenger are with people we know, such as friends and family. Due to Facebook’s strict policy regarding promotional messages, there are not many ads inside the Messenger. However, there are no rules regarding chat bots as they can be implemented by any business page on Facebook.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Chat Bot?

Unlike humans, chat bots need no sleep, which means an interested customer in your services or products who’d like to get in touch with you will not have to wait for you to be active. Gone are the days when customers had no other options but to listen to the boring music on the phone while they’re being connected to a customer care agent. Chat bots are slowly but surely replacing these phone calls, live chat, emails and many other forms of contact. And since they’re bots, they can operate 24/7 without ever taking a break. This will greatly contribute to your customer’s satisfaction.

Although we sometimes do like to think that we are capable of handling many tasks at one time, our multitasking capabilities are limited. For example, we cannot have a conversation with more than one customer at a time. Chat bots, on the other hand, can communicate with hundreds and thousands of customers in the same time. Regardless of whether it’s 3AM or you’re already being reached out by hundreds, your chat bot will instantly get to business with each of your customers.

Compared to traditional advertising methods, using a chat bot on a messaging app is much more personal. Emails, TV ads, print, radio, direct mail and any other traditional advertising method is a one way communication, while chat bots open up a conversation that can easily progress through a message flow. This two-way communication makes it much easier for customers to click with you.

Another great benefit is that you can save money. If you are not taking care of your Facebook page or other messaging apps you’re using and you’re paying employees to do it for you, implementing a chat bot will cut those expenses. Chat bot is a one time investment and will help your business cut down on staff. You could also integrate a customer support chatbot to take care of simple questions and pass on the difficult ones to customer support agents.

One overlooked benefit is bot’s ability to do repetitive work in a way people can only dream of. We humans have limits when it comes to doing repetitive tasks and in time, our efficiency decreases and we become increasingly more prone to making errors. Chat bots can help automate those repetitive tasks of starting over the same conversation time and time again without ever feeling bored or complaining.

Since messaging has become the main and most efficient way of interacting with customers due to having quick and simple responses, the number of people who prefer chatbots drastically improved over the last couple of years. Compared to email, chatbots have higher open rates solely because of its interactive and immediate responses. When your customer asks a question, your chat bot answers in real time and solves their problem with ease.

Customers will no longer wait for you to get their simple answers. Engagement with customers is also important and can boost your sales. It is the main reason why businesses are present on the social media networks: to engage and interact with their customers.

Chatbots is an exciting trend for businesses that can increase your brand’s value. Using a chatbot at the right time and implemented correctly can help your business grow like no other marketing tool and help you reach a much larger audience within a short time frame.

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