SourceMX Team at WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018

This past weekend, the team of Source MX – Digital Marketing Agency decided to “sacrifice” their free time in order to attend the first WordCamp ever in Thessaloniki, a city that’s only an hour and a half car-distance from Strumica. For us, this was a great opportunity to learn the latest news and trends about WordPress, as well as to hear something more about Inbound Marketing from Marina Vassilyovska.

What is WordCamp?

WordCamp is a conference focused on everything regarding WordPress. These events are organized by communities consisted of users of the most popular platform for building websites. Everyone who’s willing to expand their knowledge about WordPress and up their skills can attend these events, regardless of whether they use WordPress or no, professionally or as a hobby. On this events, you can learn a whole lot about WordPress, startups, managing small businesses, blog management, e-commerce, etc.

WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018

The conference took place in the concert hall in Solun, or M2 building on the 5-th floor, to be more exact. The organization was flawless and they really made us feel like home, while the sponsors made us feel like it’s Christmas already, spoiling us with all sorts of fun promotional material. In the same time, there were two speeches taking place that you could attend to: one in Greek and the other one in English. Unfortunately, our obvious and only choice was English.

The first speech we attended to was titled “WordPress and problem of diversity with a case study of Artbees, by Maziar Firuzmand. The goal of the speaker was to emphasize the importance of WordPress as a platform that connects people from diverse nationalities, religions, ethical morals, language, gender, etc. It was refreshing to hear that this platform that we use in our daily lives is actually connecting people all around the world and despite all obstacles of this sort, companies like theirs, Artbees, succeed.

Immediately after this speech, we headed to the other hall where the designer Raffaella Isidori held a wonderful lecture in which she precisely depicted the seven principles of design and how they apply into our daily lives. Simple, concise, yet powerful, her speech was a hot topic for discussion on our way home.

The third speech was titled “Using acceptance tests in your plugin“ and it has been one of the most specific, if not the most specific speech on this WordCamp. The speeker David Remer is an experienced PHP and WordPress developer and huge enthusiast about developing plugins for the platform, as we concluded from his passionate lecture of 45 minutes that were not enough for him to lead us into one of his plugins.

The last lecture we attended was titled “The Art of Inbound marketing 2019: Revolutionize your digital presence“ from the aforementioned speaker, Marina Vassilyovska. The material was the closest to what SourceMX does and this is one of the reasons why this was our favorite lecture on this WordCamp. Another reason, of course, was her charisma and her knowledge she demonstrated in the field of inbound marketing, as well as her well-packed lecture.

Our Impressions

Gligor Rizovdigital marketer & WordPress enthusiast: “Interesting and useful event for our team where we had this amazing opportunity to learn more about the latest WordPress news and trends.”

Tankica Gonevafront-end & WordPress developer: “This was a really great event as much for our team as for myself personally; great opportunity to learn something new about WordPress. We met interesting people who shared their amazing stories with us.”

Goran Nikolovdigital marketer & WordPress blogger: “This was my first ever attendance on a WordCamp and it went great! The lectures were more than useful and fun, influential enough to inspire a WordPress enthusiastic blogger to start learning more about the platform.”