“We develop and implement marketing strategies on social media that increase reach and drive desirable consumer actions through engaging content.”

Social Media marketing has grown significantly over the years and now it is an essential part of every digital marketing strategy. Social media marketing is used to connect with new customers, build a base of loyal customers, convert more leads and increase return on investment.

Advertising on social media has become one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available today, if not the most cost-effective. To put this into perspective, let’s compare social media advertising to traditional media: you can reach 1,000 people with less than $10. This is at least 3 times less expensive than traditional media, such as billboards, radio, television and print advertisements.

If you would like to build a strong brand, social media is the key. It provides you with a vast of incredible opportunities. With a detailed marketing strategy, SourceMX can execute a variety of social media marketing services on the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest in order to keep your current customers engaged and interested in your brand, while in the same time, attracting new customers and keeping them.

Our social media marketing services can help you:

Spend your advertising budget wisely

Compared to traditional media, social media advertising allows you to promote your brand, your products or your services at a much lower cost. Instead of paying big amounts of money so you can have an ad running on a billboard, our campaigns can appear only to those interested customers, thus allow you to spend your money much more effectively.

Advertise to your exact demographic

The power of social media marketing lies in the ability to target much more accurately than traditional media. You can target your exact demographic and reach people based on:

  • Demographics: We can run ads to people based on their interests, their online behavior, their location, their gender, age, even on their income level, and more!
  • Email list: Have an email list of potential customers you’d like us to reach out? Send it over and we’ll run custom ads to them.
  • Website visitors: If you are using or you’d like to start using retargeting pixels, we can run custom ads to your most recent website visitors to increase your return on investment. Since only up to 2 percent of first-time visitors convert, we will use retargeting to increase your rate of conversions.

How do we do Social Media Marketing?

Our social media marketers keep up with all the latest trends in all social media networks to keep our social media campaigns successful. To help you find the right audience and drive more sales through social media marketing, we can:

  • Facebook, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most popular social media networks for advertising and finding the target audience, but if you would like us to present you on another social media, such as Twitter, we can do our best to present your value to all the Twitter community.

  • In order to attract the attention of your target audience and make them take notice of your brand, our team of experienced professionals will develop rich and engaging content, especially designed with the target social media network in mind.

  • Due to years of experience in Facebook ads and Google ads, we know what a good ad is when we create one. With the ad spend increasing on a yearly basis, we know how important it is to have your money spent well, which is why our ads strategy will take any leads into your sales funnel and result in high ROI.

  • We won’t use the same content form for all social media. Instead, we will carefully develop different type of content for every different social media network you will like us to advertise your brand at. This way, you will have a base of loyal customers across all channels.

  • To ensure you are getting the most from your money spent on ads, we carefully follow how your campaigns are performing and optimize it for greater efficiency.

Our Process


First and foremost, we will perform a thorough research on your current presence on social media. We would like to know who are we working with so we can match your brand with the right marketing solutions. Then we inspect the industry you’re operating in and set honest and realistic expectations and goals.


Analyze & Identify

We analyze data generated from multiple sources in order to create a set of data we can use as our guide towards your success. In this stage, we identify who your target audience is, the ideal CPA, CPC or CPM and the ideal times.


Develop Custom Marketing Strategy

With all the data we gather, we develop a custom marketing strategy for your brand or your business that we will follow as we create marketing campaigns across all channels. This will allow us to develop your brand’s tone of voice and online character, while pointing out best practices for each social media platform.


Create Content & Implement the Strategy

With the custom strategy set up, we now look to optimize your budget for ads across all channels where your target audience in order to maximize the impact. Our team of highly-skilled individuals will develop quality content and keep up to a strict time regime on when, what and where to post to reach as many people as your budget allows.


Maintain your Ads

Our work is not finished when the ads are set up and you’re getting leads. We continuously track the performance of each campaign to make the most out of it. If needed, we produce new content and renew the ads for maximum impact. Even if the current ads are performing great, our team is always ready to update content for specific audiences, based on specific online behaviors and latest trends, as well as for specific social media channel.


Analyze, Optimize & Report

We continually track your ads performances and conversions across all channels to ensure key performance indicator is properly optimized. Depending on your preference, we can do weekly, bi-weekly and monthly campaign reports that provides insights to fuel future marketing campaigns by any marketer.


Our talented and highly skilled team of social media managers and marketers have a plenty of experience in creating and managing dynamic campaigns on social media for businesses of all industries. Although we can provide exceptional results through our campaigns on all social media, Facebook Ads are where we excel. We have provided clients with results that exceeded their expectations. We’ve even helped a local e-commerce shop overcome their difficulties and avoid early closure. To read more about our relationship with this client, check out our case study:

Read our case study

Need a reason to choose SourceMX?

 Here are three:


 We are all about social media: we know what works best and what doesn’t.


We are focused on you getting results: ROI is our primary focus.


We are transparent: you always know where each cent is spent and why.

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