Digital marketers: Here are 3 tips to start 2019 successfully

Before you head into a new calendar year, it is of utmost importance to make a review of this year, generate as much data from your marketing campaigns as possible, analyse them and set yourself short-term and long-term goals.

Every new year brings changes. When I say changes, I mean a looot of changes and novelties. The way users interact and search on the Internet is changing every passing second, and that makes our job, well, let’s say dynamic. For 2019, there are big things coming in the digital world, as the biggest predictions told by world’s renowned marketing experts indicate. This is not one of those long posts in which I take the role of a tutor and go on and on, but a short post from a fellow digital marketer featuring 3 tips on how to set the foundation of a successful and productive year.

Set yourself goals

The first and most important step of planning the next successful year is setting goals. Yes, it is oh-so often mentioned around the Internet, but that doesn’t make it any less important. On the contrary, setting up goals for yourself will help you visualise the way you see your career progressing throughout the year, regardless of whether you are a freelancer or you work for a company. Set some clear, concise and short-term goals for each quarter of 2019. Also, set a big fat goal for the whole year, for instance, signing up with a big international company (guilty as charged). However, be realistic with your goals. You know yourself or your company better than anyone, as well as your capabilities.

Be prepared on a LOT of Changes

New technologies and trends means new strategies. Don’t limit yourself on using tried and proven marketing strategies and habits. Instead, be prepared to leave everything you know and use on a daily basis aside and learn how to adapt quickly to the new environment. Of course, you are always ready for changes; “dynamic and flexible person” is in our job description after all. Here are three of the biggest and most probable trends for which you should start getting ready right now:

  • Social media will be largely accessed by smart phones (90% vs 10% desktop): This is not a big surprise, is it? Smart phones use is constantly growing and in the next year, it will most probably achieve the culmination (finally). Aside from the fact that smart phones traffic dominates desktop traffic, the conversion rates of desktop computers are much bigger than phones. The sole reason is that phones load pages slower. In 2019, this could and should change, which means that you should probably start re-adjusting your marketing efforts towards smart phones.
  • Voice search: I’m not so sure how much is voice search used in your country, but for those of you who work for a client based in the USA or the UK, you should know that voice search is the next big thing in the IT world. By 2020, it is expected 50% of all Internet searches to be performed by voice commands. What does that mean for you? Think about how can you optimise your marketing campaigns for voice searches using long-tail keywords and preparing (or re-doing) your content in communication style.
  • Videos (again): This is a long-coming BOOM before every new year, but 2019 is definitely the year in which videos will dominate all other kinds of content. By 2022, videos may count for 82% of all Internet searches. My advice regarding this trend is, if videos are part of your marketing campaigns, make sure every video gets a transcription so that Google can index your content and help you rank high.

Make AI work for you, not against you

As you probably may know, AI-based algorithms are increasingly becoming the ultimate decision-makers in your marketing efforts, as they play a big part in targeting your audience. In 2019, you can only lead a successful marketing campaign if you can find a way to make AI work for you, not against you. Sounds simple, but it’s easy to lose control over your own campaigns and end up with results you don’t quite understand from campaigns you initially created. This means that the interest for organic traffic will increase again. I’m not saying to stop all paid ads and focus on organic reach only, but rather to find the perfect balance between free and paid ads.

Speaking of AI, it is essential to mention that the chat bots, or messenger bots, are going to be quite an essential part of every marketing campaign. Unlike previous years, chat bots are entering the 2019 promising more possibilities than ever and they are going to be found useful in plenty of industries and implemented for a variety of functions. For a digital marketer, this means that they will have to be prepared to implement a fully functional chat bot upon a client request from any industry.