Client: eCommerce store

Industry: eCommerce

Operating Country: Macedonia

Monthly Budget for Ads: $1,500

“Where billboards and flyers don’t work, digital marketing solutions save the day, or in this case, an ecommerce store.”

Our client is an online shop with headquarters in Macedonia. They sell a wide range of products from diverse categories, delivered to home address. Our client supports diversity and cooperates with all clients interested in what they offer, regardless of the gender, religion, language, etc. In order to ensure their clients are getting value for their money, our client chooses carefully who they work with and cooperates with proven and trustworthy partners in their areas.

When first launched, the website of our client did not meet the expectations of the owners, which forced them to seek an alternative solution that will allow them to establish themselves as a serious competitor on the market. That’s how they discovered us, Source MX.

About SourceMX

SourceMX is a digital marketing agency that is focused on social media management, social media marketing and messenger marketing (chatbots). Our goal is to help companies understand the need for regular social media posting and social media ads and provide them with ideal marketing solutions for their brand or company. When billboards and flyers don’t work, the power of digital marketing solutions is obvious.


Our biggest challenges for our client was to establish themselves on an international level as a leader in online sales and to make online shopping in our country easier, safer and more acceptable for all. In order to accomplish that, our client needed a marketing agency with years of experience in marketing and one that is up to date with all the latest technologies and trends. Knowing that trends and innovations in the IT world are changing fast, our client was looking exactly for a flexible company that is able and willing to create and implement solutions that reflect upon the latest trends.

In February 2018, we agreed on terms with our client and started doing digital marketing for them. In our thorough analysis of our client, SourceMX found a few aspects in which the company is struggling and losing potential customers, as well as losing the battle against the biggest competitors on the market. Here are the two biggest challenges of our client:

  • Slow, unfunctional website: The website of our client was loading for over 10 seconds, because of too many errors in the code. Making orders on the web was almost impossible, and we all know that, unless the page does not load within 3 seconds, it is considered as unreliable and the decision to make an order on such page happens almost never.
  • No marketing strategy: Due to the lack of marketing experts in their team, the reputation of our client was struggling. They were not considered as a trusted seller and not many are brave enough to drop their personal information on just any website.


As a consequence of the unfunctional website and the lack of marketing strategy, the number of sales was really small. Their presence on social media was limited to basic posts of the products they are selling on Facebook and Instagram.


After the thorough analysis of our client, we have come up with a marketing strategy that promised improvement of their results from the very beginning. Thanks to our team consisted of individuals with diverse skills and capabilities, we have succeeded in solving their two main challenges:

  • We have developed a detailed marketing strategy for a year which promised to increase the number of fans and followers on social media (Facebook and Instagram) through regular posting of engaging content. The implementation of chatbots played the key role.
  • We have developed a new website on the most popular platform for ecommerce, Shopify, that now runs flawlessly and loads five times faster than the old one (from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds).

Marketing solution

In order to increase the number of orders made directly on the web page, via Messenger or via phone calls, we used a few different marketing methods.

Building the right audience

Instead of quantity, we focused on quality. Finding the right audience for our client was the first challenge. We tried and tested different campaigns on different audiences. Compared to the first quarter of 2018, the sales in the second quarter increased for over 50% and it was largely because of following and implementing the marketing strategy. Then, we continued with regular posting of engaging photos, videos and other materials. We were trying out different types of posts until we found out what worked best for their customers and for the two social media networks. Slowly, we’ve built an audience for every category on both social media networks so that their total sales can reach up to 250% after our taking.

Facebook ads

While organic reach and posts are undoubtedly an important consideration, Facebook ads have their own part in every marketing strategy. With the decrease of organic reach that Facebook allows, paid ads are becoming essential. Our client trusted us with this and gave us the absolute freedom and trust to take over all of their current paid ads. Also, we got the green light to create new, better optimized ads.

Starting from February 2018, we run Facebook ads for our client on a regular basis, which bring results that exceeded their initial expectations. To increase our client’s sales by 250%, we used a variety of different campaigns. We discovered what ads are more accepted by different audiences. We learned what type of ad copy and what type of content works best for their customers. Practice has shown that Facebook ads work best for our client when they take their customers to a conversation with the chatbot.

Chatbot implementation

From the very beginning, our team connected their Facebook business page with automated messages with the goal of making the communication with interested customers faster, easier and more efficient. Through the chatbot, their customers had the opportunity to get correct information regarding products with only a couple of clicks, such as the price, link to the web page or get in touch with a sales agent. Within the first month of our cooperation, we got 2,478 subscribers on their messenger bot. This means that 2,478 people interacted with the Facebook page of our client. Already in the second month, this number went up three times; from 2,478 to 9,707, which was a huge factor in their sales increase. As of today, the number of subscribers to their messenger bot is 65,728.


Specialized posts for Facebook and Instagram

The “secret” to successful management of social media accounts is sharing content that is specialized for each particular social media network. Aside from ideal dimensions, we considered what type of content is more suitable to a particular social media network before each post. We do not believe that “one size fits all”. For example, Instagram has a billion of active users per month, from which 50% are 18 – 34 years old, which makes it the ideal platform for selling young-ish products, unlike Facebook, which client base is consisted of adults, is an ideal social media network for selling more grown up-ish products, such as kitchen tools, electronic products, etc.

We also discovered what times are ideal for engagement and what times are best for making purchases, both for Facebook and Instagram. Sharing different posts at Facebook and Instagram brought a massive success and it also contributed to more optimized spending of the funds, without compromising the sales. In fact, the sales increased by 65% when we started managing Facebook and Instagram independently from one another.

Regular posting of Instagram stories

One of the latest trends that turned out to be an effective tool in building brand awareness and trust is Instagram stories. Ever since IG stories became two times more popular than Snapchat, regular posting of Instagram stories has played a big role in the brand building process for our client. From the beginning of September, we started designing and sharing specialized visual content (images, videos, gifs) that were positively accepted both by our client and our customers.

Instagram stories turned out to be great for starting interaction with interested and potential customers. It has became a place where we promoted hot-selling products and soon their sales agents had to get access of their Instagram account in order to seal the deal in direct messages. Before our takeover, the number of followers our client had on Instagram was 890, while the number today is 1,755. Within 5 months of managing their Instagram account, the number of followers of our client on Instagram increase by 865, which means they are getting about 6 new followers on a daily basis.

A part of these followers found our client via paid ads, but the larger number is organic. With regular posting of Instagram stories, we remind our client’s current followers about promotions, special offers, etc., while via paid stories-ads we look for new followers and potential customers that will develop trust with the brand.

Website solution

In order to achieve an acceptable speed of their website for every user, our solution for our client was to migrate their web from OpenCart to Shopify. Due to the large number of problems with the old platform they were using, our solution was quite logical. Nevertheless, the implementation exceed our expectations. In the back end, the website was improved significantly. The excessive code that was slowing down the site was removed, as well as the articles they were not selling any longer, nor planning to in future. Also, we compressed the images which undoubtedly helped the process.

The front of the website was also significantly improved and not only in terms of looks, but also in functionality, thanks to our team of front-end developers full of enthusiasm and ideas. Even though the page loads within less than 3 seconds, the front page lists a plenty of products from different categories with the goal of stealing away the attention of every visitor. All that without compromising the hierarchy and the structure of the website.


Our digital marketing solutions and techniques for our client surpassed all possible expectations, proving that signing up with SourceMX has been the best marketing decision they could ever make. This strong claim is supported by facts and numbers. Their customers are far more satisfied with their services and products than before, and our client is now considered loyal and trustworthy. At the moment of writing this case study (28th of January, 2019), our client has 44,945 followers on Facebook, 1,755 followers on Instagram and 65,741 subscribers on their chatbot where most of the interaction takes place.

If you want to learn more about our strategy using Messenger Marketing, please leave your email below and our team will get in touch.