5 reasons why your business needs a chatbot (right now!)

Did you know that 80% of the businesses that use some kind of digital marketing services are already planning on implementing a Facebook Messenger bot by the end of 2020? These chatbots are becoming of indispensable value for every business and they are getting a crucial role in many marketing strategies. From customers support to raising brand awareness, the possibilities with chatbots are endless.

What exactly is a Facebook Messenger bot?

Chatbot is a type of software that with the help of artificial intelligence simulates conversation with a human. The most commonly used type of a chatbot is Messenger chatbot, which is really not that difficult to find nowadays. These chatbots understand questions, reply with automated messages and complete tasks. The level of automation you can achieve with the help of a chatbot is beyond anything we’ve ever used. Thanks to machine learning, they are becoming smarter and smarter with every interaction they have, so you can think of chatbots as intelligent digital assistants.

One of the main reasons why chatbots have grown so much in popularity over the past years is machine learning. While years ago chatbots were described as lifeless and “too robotic”, interacting with one today doesn’t feel mechanic at all. As a matter of fact, the probability that you have chatted with a chatbot without you knowing is big.

Years ago, Messenger bots were mainly used for customer support, but the number of businesses that have implemented chatbots for sales increase and automated orders is in a continual growth. That is due to the fact that chatbots are more advanced than ever and they can be used to improve conversions, increase sales, qualification and segmentation of leads, and more.

Why chatbots?

What makes chatbots a great tool for just any business is the fact that they are fast, smart and most importantly: flexible. Your customers will never wait days for you to reply ever again. If you prepare the answers of the most frequently asked questions in advance, such as where you are located or can I have a menu, the answers could be available for them immediately! With no further ado, it’s time to learn the 5 huge reasons why your business needs a Messenger bot – right now!

1 - For increased sales

If you don’t have an idea how can a Messenger bot increase your sales and your conversion rate, we have the perfect example for you. Lego, the popular Danish toy production company, has an incredibly efficient and amusing chatbot which provides amazing options. Take a look.

The best thing about this chatbot is the option when you like a particular product, with the press of a single button, the chatbot can not only take you their website, but also put it into the shopping cart for you, making the purchase much easier. Lego’s chatbot has the role of a digital sales agent, assisting the potential customers to find products they like and make a purchase.

It’s amazing how much from the selling part of a product can happen directly into the Messenger app, which for most users is a better communication method than phone number or e-mail.

2 - Always in touch with your clients

One of the most useful characteristics of Messenger bot is its ability to send subscription messages to a particular group of subscribers or to all. It is important not to do this too often, especially without users’ agreement (as it could represent a violation of Facebook’s policy), but unless it’s used smart and moderately, it is a great way to be in touch with your clients even when you don’t have to do it personally and manually.

In these subscription messages, you can include an option for users to choose how frequently can you send them subscription messages or which products or services they would like to be informed about. Thus, you will segment your clients and make the communication more precise and more personal (based on their interests) and allow them to connect with you on a deeper level. Once again, be careful what type of content will you be sending as subscription messages, because Facebook has strict regulations and rules regarding subscription messages. It’s also very important to offer your users an obvious way to unsubscribe from your automated messages.

3 - For improved customer support

Regardless of whether you’re a small or big business or brand, you’re probably getting a ton of messages on Facebook on a daily basis. In a situation like this, a chatbot is a particularly great way to save you time and money. If properly implemented, the chatbot can understand questions related to your business and offer a variety of answers: from tips to FAQ, and even guide the customers to specific websites for more information.

Instead of hiring a team for customer support, now the chatbot can do the job of a whole team and be available 24/7. Contrary to the fact that it’s “too robotic”, the chatbot can reply in a conversational and natural way. Take a look at the simple Messenger bot of Telekom MK. After pressing the button “Get Started”, their bot immediately offers you a variety of options, among which the option to ask a specific question and get in a conversation with a “real human”.

Another great example that comes from a world renowned giant is Google Ads’ chatbot ⬆. Their chatbot starts with a question asking you which product of Google you’re most interested in. Then, it’s breaking it down to available options as solutions to the possible problem you’re dealing with based on what product you selected. If the answer does not apply to your problem, the chatbot provides you with the option to connect you with human support.

4 - Educate your audience about you

Messenger bots are a great way to get your audience familiar with you, who you are, what you do, etc. One way to do so is to set up a greeting message that will be the first thing they will encounter when they click “Get Started”. This way, your users will be in a great position to learn something about you before they even begin the conversation.

You can create a series of questions as an option for users if they would like to learn something more about your business on an entertaining and interactive way, like Marriott International have done it (look photos below ⬇). Of course, the possibilities with Messenger bot are limitless and you can interact with your audience in many different ways.

5 - Increase your audience

With over 1.5 billion of active users monthly, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world. However, popularity is not the only thing that makes this tool great for businesses. According to multiple sources, Messenger averages about 70-80% for open rates and 20% for click-through rates within the application – numbers that are far greater than those of e-mail marketing, for example.

Compared to e-mails, with chatbots you will never end up blocked by the spam filter or in someone else’s account. This means that Messenger is one of the best ways to reach new audience quickly. If your chatbot is well-implemented and is in great accordance with the values of your business, you’ll have great chances of building a large audience and great relationships with them, who will have great odds of converting into buyers (if you’re doing sales).